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    this is what’s called a snippet.

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  2. xiisundays:

    Cook Norman Blaze - Let Me (feat. Martika “KnobodiesTeeks” Gregory)

    Written & produced by CNB
    Mixed by HARSH JHA


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  3. illmont:

    iLLmont - Koldgame

    Khalilwho/Olde English/Voncito

    shot by Voncito
    prod. Voncito

    first single from our self-titled album.
    #20EastVol2 coming soon


  4. illmont:

    we’ve been doing things and this is kind of what it sounds like


  5. milliondollarnigga:


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  6. SandwichGallery 3


  7. SandwichGallery 3

    This is a compilation of some of our favorite music from the last year. We do this every year so you guys should be with the program by now.

    As promised, although very late, here it is.


    SG3 on Soundcloud


  8. illmont:

    iLLmont live at the 529, performing new song "Coast" from 20 East. Vol. 2

    20 East Vol.2 coming soon!


  9. saintlos:

    I decided to bless y’all this Christmas by releasing a new beat tape, Paradise Lost. It’s been way too long since the previous one. Click the picture above to download it. I hope you guys enjoy it! It’ll be available on my Soundcloud too eventually.


  10. thaladyk:

    Bored as fuxx at work stuntin in my @androsslosangeles beanie. #officelife #fuckmondats #streetwear #stuntin #villainshit #aLa #shamelessselfie


  11. SandwichGallery 3 will be available for free download on January 24th.


  12. Tommy and Jeff in our Forest Green CP Crewneck. These will be in stock in two colorways starting later today



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